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Rocambole Garlic Bulbs/Spanish Roja

Rocambole Garlic Bulbs/Spanish Roja

Superb--Classic--Rich--Bold--True--Spicy--Hot Garlic Flavor!

Spanish Roja/ Greek Garlic/ Greek Blue/ Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon

Hardneck garlic will grow a tasty, nutritious scape/ flower stalk, which should be harvested to promote bulb growth, 


Heirloom Variety brought to Oregon pre-1900, 

Grown Organically in Midwest, U.S.A.

Non-GMO, Pure- No chemicals

Large Brown/Tan/Red Bulbs
8-12 Cloves per Bulb,

Each Clove will grow a whole new plant! 
Very Hardy, Needs at least several weeks of cold weather to bulb, 

Hardiness Zones:   5-10

Days to Maturity:   90-154 (Spring/Summer),  225-240 (Fall/Winter)

Plant Height:    12-24"

Plant in 2" of soil, 6" apart. Cover with 2-4" of mulch


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